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SGD 3.50
Made from real fruit juice, this great tasting pre-thickened ready-to-drink Apple Juice helps people with dysphagia manage their fluid and energy intake. Completely free of artificial flavours and colours, the Juice...
SGD 5.90
Pre-thickened nutritionally complete supplements help people with dysphagia manage their protein, energy and vitamin intake. Completely free of artificial flavours and colours, Chocolate is available in three...
SGD 5.00
Breakfast, lunch, or tea time - Our moulded pureed Ang Ku Kueh filled with Mung Bean paste are the perfect bite-size snack to go with your favourite drink.
SGD 4.80
Tuck into this this popular breakfast item and enjoy the savoury sweetness of the chai poh sauce over our pillowy moulded pureed Chwee Kueh.
SGD 25.00
Developed by a Speech Pathologist, Martha Rowe, Osmist is a refreshing and natural "dry mouth" spray to help relieve the discomfort of a dry mouth and throat. Osmist is a unique formulation derived entirely from...
SGD 45.00
For 7-Day Lunch plan, customer will receive: 1 pack protein, 1 pack of fiber, 1 bento box, 4 cups of fruits juice/puree, 3 choices of desserts. These items are suitable for dinner as well. For food selection, kindly...



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